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Dr. Johannes Hanel, Goethestr. 23, 99817 Eisenach
0049 3691/708262,
hanelq@gmail.com  hanel@international-school-germany.org/

17 August 2017

Dear entrepreneurs and parents

You are cordially invited to join us in the founding of an International School for Europe and the rest of the world to promote peaceful progress. The school is for children ages four to 19 from all over the world. Please call to discuss details.

Since Germans cherish the cultures of all continents and since many appreciate German education, both teachers and students will be motivated when they are rewarded by spending some time in Germany resp. abroad. The German pillar of this truly International School is GET : WISE for short. GET : WISE is an acronym for what is special about this school: It is a healthy (gesunde), English-speaking day-school (Tagesschule). Rhythmical days, weeks, and vacations are not only healthy but allow economical teaching. The school offers different kinds of boarding according to age and families. Please let us know your needs and wishes.

The Wartburg International School Eisenach (WISE) offers all grade levels from 1 to school leaving exams: IGCSE, A-levels, and IB. The WISE is located near the geographic center of Germany, in the so-called Wart­burg region. Here culture and nature merge. Martin Luther (1483-1546) established high German in the Wartburg castle, Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) was born here, and Wagner’s opera Tannhäuser is still performed in the castle. The Wartburg is the beginning of the popular Thuringia forest with a hiking trail attracting more than 100000 people each year. Just a few km north of Eisenach you’ll find the Hainich national park with beautiful beech forests, rare trees, flowers, lynxs and wild cats.

During vacations we offer courses that prepare for school: English, German and other subjects.

Admission: Our aim is to meet individual needs, taking into consid­eration the child’s age, developmental stage and other relevant circumstances. Therefore we admit children according to their personality and families according to their require­ments and preferences. Our fees are moderate because we manage the school efficiently; we cooperate with the Thuringia International School: http://this-weimar.de/. Of course, we also work together with other institutions.

Organization: How can we manage a school with the prospective size of 200 to 400 students and an an­nual turnover of 3 to 4 million Euros? We want to found a Charity in form of a Limited Com­pany. Partners are not only managers, teachers and other entrepreneurs, but also a parent association.

Everybody can become part of this learning organization: as staff, as partner of the Limited Liability Company, as public relations worker, as sponsor or founder of a foundation for global education. We are all united by the basic ideas as they are formulated in our mis­sion and vision.

Hoping to hear from you, I remain sincerely yours

Johannes Hanel, education consultant, teacher, and principal

P.S. I have worked as a teacher and school manager for over 20 years. I taught, advised and led schools in the UK, in Chengdu/China, Switzerland, and India. In Kochi/Kerala I opened an International School on 14 July ’14. I got a B.A. from the University of Tennessee/Knoxville