Anett Seidel
(Teacher and manager)

  • Studied elementary school teaching
  • MA in Education and Competence Management from DUW, Berlin – research paper: learning organizations
  • Head of the AgAG project of the central government under Dr. Angela Merkel
  • Teaching experience in Brazil and Nicaragua
  • 15 years as a freelance lecturer of English, Spanish and German as a Foreign Language


Dr. Johannes Hanel

  • Over 20 years of experience as a teacher, head teacher and other roles in Scotland, China, Switzerland, and India
  • 2004 – 2006 Business manager of an educational institution
  • Studied in the USA (University of Tennessee), Germany and France (Certificates), and PhD in economics from the Netherlands

The basic principle of the school in one sentence

The Mission of the Wartburg International School
Eisenach is to give the globalized economy a cultural

The legal framework

We want to realize this vision with the help of these legal entities
Association for the Development of People (In German: Förderverein für die Entwicklung der Menschen) and a charitable Limited (Ltd.)

We founded the association on the Wartburg castle on September 22, 2015. The tasks of this association are as the development of the people themselves. The association supports activities from education, art, science and culture, as well as links to business, universities and politics. Feeling at home in a globalized world plays a key role in its work.

We cordially invite you to support the association or join the Ltd. Your suggestions and ideas will help to support children and other people in their development.