The Teaching Plan or Curriculum of the Wartburg International School

Interracial primary classroom learning to use laptop with their teacher.

At the Wartburg International School in Germany we teach what the children in our age world need.

We also consider other progressive educational teaching plans, including

The methods and contents of our teaching reflects the globalization of the humanities, social sciences and natural science. To ensure that we reach our goals, the school emphasizes in particular:

  • Law and Democracy; State and Administration; human rights and the rule of law;
  • Economy, Market, money and pricing; environmental protection, climate change, and various sources and uses of energy;
  • Professional and customer relationship; Media and health education
  • Society as a whole, and team education on site

In order to widen the students knowledge of these social subjects, we also offer economics classes (see the Program).



“Das Was bedenke, mehr bedenke Wie!”
(Consider what, but more consider how)

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (28.8.1749-22.3.1832) in Faust.
The second part of the tragedy, 1832. 2. Act, Laboratorium, Homunculus to Wagner

Here at WISE, we use a variety of programs to ensure that your children’s development is in line with their talents, age and style of learning.

A lively teacher helps develop community spirit in the classroom by having ideas and feelings shared. The students then have the opportunity to work on a topic individually or in groups. They will finally present their work to the class.

Since 45 minutes is too short for this style of learning, our lessons last 60 minutes. We also ensure that break-time is sufficient and that students can get fresh air and enough movement.

Students develop their own daily, weekly and monthly lessons plan to ensure that they learn in accordance with their own skills. Teachers provide support depending on the age of the student and the subject being taught.

Evaluation and Marks

Given that no two students are the same, we do not measure them all against the average but rather against their own work. This ensures that they help and respect each other. Their individual grades allow them to see their development and success but do not divide the class into good and bad students. Students show and collect their real achievements in portfolios; then test and exam anxiety decrease.

Hnde aufeinander Freude in der Schule

What does the new school offer our families?

This open and innovative learning place is a healthy, life-enhancing day school.

A healthy school means:

• We enjoy preparing and eating healthy food;

• We get enough exercise before, during and after school;

• We compose a timetable and holidays that are suited to the natural human biorhythm.

Life-enhancing, eventful lessons

• We do not just ask ‘what is 7 + 5?’, but often ‘what is 12?’

• We combine business and social studies with internships;

• We keep the mother tongue as the language of the heart;

Day school means:

• Appropriate support and care for the children from early to late;

• Exciting offers for their hands, hearts and heads;

• Lively lessons from 9am to about 3pm.


teenager haben spaß zusammen

All the students learn together, from pre-school until graduation. As international studies show, it furthers learning, when students can stay in the same class and with the same teachers as long as possible. Students can learn efficiently in heterogeneous classes when we carefully select and apply programs and when the social networks between students and teachers gives them a sense of belonging.

Our students will include students with additional needs, particularly talented students, foreign students and extraordinary students. Because we focus on the individuality of each student, vary methods and subjects, we can support the needs of these children.

Your child is unique – so is our school


• Lern to speak English or German close to native levels

• Gain international experience thanks to classmates and exchange students

• Learn efficiently thanks to contemporary curricula and methods

Parents and legal guardians

• Participate in how the school develops;

• Rely on full-time care; even boarding is possible;

• Endow their children with a comprehensive education and internationally recognised exams

Entrepreneurs and managers receive

• Well-educated specialists and leaders

• Socially and interculturally competent employees

• Innovative researchers and developers

For the region around the Wartburg the school offers

• An attractive educational landscape

• A cultural hub for people from all over the world

• Exemplary social connections

Final exams

In the 10th grade, students can take an internationally recognized exam which corresponds to the intermediate school certificate, cf.
International General Certificate of Secondary Education
Cambridge IGCSE
IGCSE an der Thuringia International School Weimar
Edexcel International GCSEs and Edexcel Certificates

After the 12th or 13th class, students are authorized to take the International Baccalaureate (IB), see
International Baccalaureate

The IB has been recognized as equivalent to the German Abitur for 30 years see
International Baccalaureate / Nationales

Viele Teenager hintereinander halten ihre Daumen hoch zum Gratulieren

Last but not least

Final exams including the IB (international Abitur) and the flexible IGCSE (corresponds to the exam of the Realschule or the BLF in Germany) are recognized worldwide and are skills-based